• Services: Sunday Life Groups: 9:00am; Worship Service: 10:30am


      Outreach Team

      The Outreach Team meets often to generate ideas for local community outreach and then mobilizes people to participate in the efforts. We are developing a plan for a sustained outreach into our community to impact people with the good news of the Gospel.

      Missions & Missions Lead Team

      The Missions Lead Team meets monthly to help others increase their knowledge and understanding of missions, to help instill within others a desire for mission work, and to support the followers of Jesus Christ as they impact their world.
      The Missions Lead Team plans and oversees projects and activities that strengthen missions within the church. They plan and oversee “Moments for Missions”–a monthly highlight of a missionary/mission organization during the worship service. They inform the church of the work or needs or prayer requests of the missionaries we support. They also communicate with missionaries on the field.

      To learn about the organizations and missionaries we support, read more here…