The Evangelical Free Church of Clinton, Iowa, began in the late 1940s as a Sunday School ministry and was chartered with the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1951. Those beginning few families have grown to a church of over 300 which is now in its third location, constructed in 1988. CEFC has undergone many changes since its beginning days and looks forward to God's further leading and changing in the future.

District Supt. H. E. Sodergren and Rev. Rudolph Messerli visit Clinton to start church work in May.
A building known as Chancy Chapel located at 113 21st Place purchased by the District in June.
Two weeks of special meetings held.
Two young women from Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN, hold children's meetings in the afternoons. Sunday School started with Mrs. J. R. Baker in charge.
Beginning in October, Rev. Messerli travels from Coralville each Sunday to serve as pastor.

Messerli family moves to Clinton in January.
Vacation Bible School held in the summer.

January 25, Messerli family hosts an open house at the parsonage on
Camanche Ave.

Church is organized as a corporation with the State of Iowa on January 24.
Church begins with 16 Charter Members and 4 Honorary Charter Members.

Ground Breaking on the building at 955 S. 18th Street on July 9.

First service at 18th Street location held on March 11.
18th Street building dedicated on September 3.

Education Wing building project began in June.
Education Wing dedicated on July 9.
25th Anniversary Celebration August 8-10.

Awana Club ministry started.

Seasons of Promise fundraising campaign begins for 6+ acres of land for new building. A goal of $121,000 for land purchase is set; funds are raised in 14 months.

Dedication and mortgage burning for building at 1010 13th Ave. N. on June 11.

Ground Breaking at 13th Ave. N. on August 2.

Cornerstone Service for 13th Ave. N. location held on Easter Sunday: April 3.
Last service at 18th Street location held on the evening of September 4.
First Service at 13th Ave. N. location held on September 11.
Dedication of 13th Ave. N. location held September 18 at 3:00 p.m.
13th Ave. N. Open House held September 18 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.
Freedom Campaign begun with purpose to pay debt on 13th Ave. N. building.

Lighthouse Project: Goal to raise $62,000 to build the Christian Education Building.
Celebration Sunday: Dedication of 1st phase of Christian Education Building project and celebration of 2 years at the new church location held on September 9.

Constitution Revision committee formed in September.

Revised Constitution accepted by membership at January 26 annual
meeting. Changed governing structure from General Board to Elder
Board rule.

Debt Reduction Project begun.

Debt Reduction campaign ends on December 31, 2002. Many people continued to give until the debt was paid off on September 19, 2005.